Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 11, 2013

*One year mark 12-12-13*
Alright today we went to the temple so that's why I am emailing you right now on Wednesday. but there is a lot to cover from last week so we will get started from last week.

 Tuesday not much happened, we went and taught a guy who believes that it doesn't matter which church we go to as long as we worship God, he as frustrating at times, but we keep on trying.

Wednesday we went on exchanges, i went with one of the zone leaders and we taught a 52 year old truck driver from Arizona, who is marrying a 22 year old member here, its kind of weird... but if they are happy, i guess its ok. 

Thursday we ate at a place called boyongs, one of the best burger places i have ever eaten at! you can get a half pound burger for 90 pesos! its like 2 dollars! it was awesome.

Friday some crazy drunk guy talked to us on the road, he told us that he wanted us to come over and teach him, then he commanded some dude on the road to give us balut (the duck egg), then he told him to put it on the tab, and told the guy to start walking. it was kinda scary haha but we went to his house the next day and realized that we had tracted his house about a month ago and talked to his mom. his mom is super old, and she told us that she told God that she is ready to go. it was kinda sad, but we taught the drunk dude (who wasn't drunk anymore) and it was a great lesson, hopefully he follows through.

Last Saturday kinda a slow day, it was the day we taught the drunk dude (he wasn't drunk any more though).

last Sunday we taught a dude who read the entire restoration pamphlet (that happens once in a blue moon!)  and the lesson went really good, he asked us "did Joseph Smith really see God and Jesus Christ? we said "yep" and testified and such.

last Monday my comp was sick, and we watched some classic missionary movies such as "treasure in heaven, the john tanner story" "the lords errand" and "Joseph Smith, the prophet of the restoration." 

yesterday we had our mission Christmas party! i got a flash light, nice! it was fun, all the zones had to sing a song and do a skit. it was a day of laughter.

Today, we went to the temple! nice! 

Thank you for all the emails and pictures. I love you all..
-Elder Roy

December 1, 2013

 Everything is going awesome. we had Thanksgiving, went to a convention of psychologists, and did a lot of finding. i am so happy to see all the pictures from thanksgiving, we really have a guwapo family. cam and nick especially looked pogi. so i will start by telling all about the week, starting from last Tuesday.

Tuesday: not much happened. it was just a normal day, but we had a cool experience. we were walking home last week, and there was this really old dude on the same road, so we started talking to him, he said we could go to his house, and share with him. so we went back to his house on this day, and he ended up not being there, but his son who is like 64 was there, and he had read part of the pamphlet we gave them, and so we taught him. nice!

Wednesday: we went to one of our potential investigators, we talked to him on the street as well, it ended up that he had read the whole pamphlet and started reading the book of mormon. we shared about the restoration, and invited him to pray to know if what he had read was true. Nice!

Thursday:Thanksgiving! we didn't eat a lot, but we did go to one of our other investigators, and finished up teaching about the restoration, we invited her to baptism, but she needs to find out if everything we taught is true, so we invited her to search ponder and pray. Nice!

Friday: me and Elder Sabado were invited to go and attend a psychology convention being held at one of our chapels. while there, we sat at a table and talked with people interested in our church, and handed out referral cards. Nice!

Saturday: went on exchanged with Elder Delfin, it was fun, and we had a lot of finding success.

Sun: fast Sunday (only 12 more fast Sundays)  we walked to our area because the traffic was way to bad, we get there and we aren't able to cross the street because there is a marathon going on! so we waited about 1 hour until we could finally cross. we talked to this one guy, but we found out he is a bit crazy. but after that we talked to some people on the street playing badminton, the dad of the family is actually a less active member! nice!

today: we ate at Mang inasal! one of the best things since Mcdonalds. and now i am emailing. (Details of Mang inasal: one big piece of chicken, and unlimited rice!)
Love you all
-Elder Roy

November 24, 2013

     so quite a lot went down this week, so I will go day by day and tell about them all.

Tuesday- we got a text on Monday night that we would have a service project in the morning, so in the morning they told us to go to ABS-CBN, a T.V. station here. so we got there and it turns out we have a member that is famous and is on a tv show called "Show Time" his name is "The Eruption". anyway he was there, we lifted a lot of boxes and relief goods into a semi truck. that went on for about 4 hours, and was pretty fun, and we got on TV, nice! we were at the place where they filmed "Pinoy Big Brother". it was pretty cool.

Wednesday- we had zone conference! we heard talks from out mission president and his wife, the Assistants to the president our zone leaders, and the sister trainer leaders. it was super fun, and the food was good.

Thursday- was District Leader Training, it was fun, we heard more talks from the mission president, his wife, and the Assistants to the president. but i started getting sick! i got Bronchitis, AIN'T NO BODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!

Friday- I got some medicine and rested for most of the day.

Saturday- we got punted all day, not a single lesson! it was fun =)

Sunday- we went to church, and for the second time in the whole time i have been here in this area, we had a member work with us! yes! 

that leads up to today, before we came to email we went and ate, i had the first cinnamon roll i have ever had in forever.

oh yeah i like the new shirt from the package!

Love you all,  I am thankful for you all.
-Elder Roy