Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 19, 2014

The pictures of the all you can eat buffet will explain it =) you will notice in the pictures that the restaurant is named vikings, I was a little disappointing that the table we were given didn't have sufficient room for all my stinking plates! and as you can tell from picture 2 that i didnt have enough fingers on my hands to count how many things i was gunna eat. mom note the sushi on the left of the picture, there was unlimited sushi. anyway that was pretty much all of p day. we did get to see some of the other elders at the mall and one of them told me that a girl in my last area, that i started teaching, was baptized! nice.
Tuesday was pretty slow, still feeling the brick inside my stomach from the night before. we got some training from the zone leaders, our mission is starting to crack down on us! it gets a tad bit irritating, but ill get over it. later that night we were walking through a small alley way and a lady starts yell to us, so we went over and started talking to her. she was missing all her teeth and eating some sort of fruit, and speaking perfect english (other than the terrible lisp), My comp busted up laughing when she was yelling at us, and i was trying pretty hard not to laugh as this woman was screaming "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?" so we gave her a pamphlet, and asked her for her name, she had to repeat "Belinda Bright" 8 times before i could finally make it out.
Wednesday was an awesome day, we got two referrals from members last week and were able to contact them both today with the members there. super nice to teach investigators when there friends are there. the first lady we taught is half American, and has been taught a long time ago by sisters, but she doesnt remember anything. thankfully she is super nice. she said he dad lives in texas and she has never met him, but she is planning on moving there. where was it in texas that we lived????
Friday, not much happened out of the norm on Friday, but me and Elder Phelps
started jogging, its been over a year since i have done any sort of physical activity such and jogging, but to my surprise jogging at sea level feels so good.
Saturday was pretty good, i went and interviewed an investigator for the sisters, little was checked off for baptism. after that we went and payed our electric bill, ate at Chic-boy, then went to an area broadcast. it was a good day.
Sunday was pretty crazy, we got bombarded with food, and dinner appointments! one of our members brought us a pan of funeral potatoes, we were invited to lunch and dinner, and got invited to more dinner appointments that had to be turned down seeing that we already had dinner appointments set up! i feel so loved. we attended a Ward correlation meeting and discussed with the ward the less actives that we should focus on. it was a pretty great day.
Monday is now, if anything happens later tonight i will let you know next week. also next week is transfer week and we have been hearing rumors from the zone leaders that our area might be made into a sisters area again! shoot!
I love you all and have more pictures to send! 
-Elder Roy

The table isn't big enough!

I've decided to start my own art work.. what do you think?

This made me think of Uncle Micah

January 12, 2014

Happy 1 year and 1 month mark! well this week has been pretty crazy! so we will get started with the days of the week.
Last Tuesday not a lot happened, we taught a part member less active family, and they were super nice, but there little 5 year old daughter is like a little firecracker! and the mom is 5 months pregnant and said she didnt find out until last week! crazy!
Wednesday- we had promised this old lady that we would go visit her later that day. I'll let you know why. sometime last last week we told her we would go over on a friday, something came up and we weren't able to make it, so some time last week we were walking around that area and she saw us and started yelling at us! she said the last friday she had cooked some food for us, and was waiting for us to come over! i felt pretty bad so i told her we would come over on wednesday (this day) so we went over, took her some food, and listen to her talk about her life story for the fourth time. she told me to tell you guys hi as well. (i think she is like 75 years old) anyway that was just a good learning experience that if i make an appointment i should make it, or find out if i can reschedule it. After all of that we got a text from Elder Rakuro that him and his companion would be sleeping over at our house (they came off mindoro for their zone leader training) so we talked forever and it was fun (he use to live in the house here back in my first transfer here)
Friday was Zone interviews! super awesome! took all day though and they didnt feed us much haha.
Saturday was a pretty normal day, we taught a young man that was baptized about 6 months ago and is now less active (tends to happen a lot here) and he was really nice. him and his mom are both members, but the youngest brother wasnt baptized, so they said it would be ok if we started teaching them, hopefully we can re activate them as well.
Sunday had a pretty good church day.

cool news, my comp taught me how to read notes in the hymn book! nice! so i have been practicing a little bit, and i got the right hand part down to nearer my God to thee. NICE!
 i love you all. -Elder Roy.
old picture I found in the scriptures you sent!

our house

January 5, 2014

Its January- 11 more fast Sundays!
I would like to wish Cordon, Eric, Sherri, Cori, and Grandpa a Happy Birthday! 
Next we attended a FHE last week, we watched a Youtube Clip called "Jesus is ALWAYS with you" pretty interesting take on Jesus always being with people. Let me know what you think.
NEW YEARS was insane, the mission told us we had to go to sleep and couldn't watch the fireworks, well its kinda hard when it sounds like World war 3, and you cant breathe because of the amount of smoke in your house! i am glad we dont have a smoke alarm, that thing would have freaked out!
Crazy story for the week. back on Thursday we went to visit a less active family in the new part of our area, they were super nice, and said we could come back on Saturday and share with them. well we went back on Saturday, went to the door, gave a good, stern "Tao Po" and no one came to the door! Punted! or so we thought....later that night as we returned back to that area to go visit an investigator of ours, we heard news that the dude we went to visit had died from a heart attack earlier. Was it because he didn't come to the door? i don't know, but we let the bishop know, and that was the end of the day.
so i set some new years resolutions, one of them is to enjoy this last year of work. if it goes by as fast as last year, it will be over before i know it.
Love, Elder Roy
sweet bags a member made for me!


December 29, 2013

Hey Happy New Years! its like 4 days ago i was just talking to you! but a lot has happened since then! so we will get started by saying happy new years! we have to be home tomorrow night by 6pm so it will be a little boring, but that is all right, i will have a lot of time to write new years resolutions!
Friday was one of the greatest teaching days that we have had for a while, in terms of how many lessons we had taught. and all of the lessons went great as well. we have been finding all the investigators in the new part of our area, and we are seeing a lot of great ones.
Saturday we went to all the houses of the appointments we had set up, and no one was home! so we went to one of our less actives that i always home, and had a good lesson with him, we then got stuck there talking to some random drunk dude that told us he wanted us to share with him about the gospel. so we got his address, and gave him a pamphlet and told him we would come over...someday... 

also we were walking along the road and we saw a car under a cover, and i told my comp "that looks like a corvette!" and we decided to find out, so we went to the gate and gave out best "Tao po" and the dude came to the door. we started talking to him and asked him about his car, it turns out that it was a Corvette, but not just any, it was a ZR1! imported from California. he said he had lived it California for 41 years, and in the navy and police force, and is now retired. so we are hoping that we will be able to go back to him and share the gospel with him.
Sunday was the same deal, we went to all of our appointments and nobody was home. but i was really happy because it was that last Sunday that starts at 7 30 in the morning! nice!
Alright so that was all of our days since we skyped. i hope that you are all doing ok, it was nice to see all of your faces. only 5 more months and we will be skyping again!
 Love you all -Elder Roy.
here is a Pitchure (working on my utah accent) of the temple

December 22, 2013

This week has been quite eventful. my new comp is Elder Phelps, and he is a chill dude from Utah. Also it was Really surprising that he is coming from my first area, which was also his first area! nice! so we have talked about all the stuff from that area and ward. 
So he got here last wednesday and he totally reminds me of Seth Jones Fotheringham. we were about to go to bed and i was telling him about the weird dreams that the previous elders would have in his bed, and how they thought it was haunted. about 10 minutes later he told me his bed was shaking! hahaha well we were pretty freaked out, but we were able to fall asleep.
On saturday we had our ward Christmas party, and we got a hold of a ward members ipad (patawad) haha but we were able to take some sweet pictures! the ward had some cool dances and stuff that they put together, and sang some songs (we had to sing with some of the members) and we ate A lot of FOOD! they had a whole pig there! it was nice.
Sunday we did the normal thing, but when we went to lunch at one of our members we were talking about the first night when we were here how elder phelps had felt his bed shaking. well it turns out last week on wednesday around 10:46 there was a 4.0 earthquake! hahahahaha, we were laughing pretty hard.
having the whole ward to just us two is going pretty good, i feel like we are getting a lot of success with investigators, but its still hard sometimes haha. the investigators that come to church are the maids of  our ward members and they dont want to listen to us.
alright i am excited to skype on christmas night (for you guys) WEEW! its already been 7 months since the last time! crazy!
Love you all. -Elder Roy

December 16, 2013

We have had a crazy week! we have had a lot of meetings, parties, and things like that so there wasn't a whole lot of missionary work. but the day we did get to work, i went on exchanges with elder usigan, we bought the biggest burgers in the world, pictures will be sent later. anyway me and my comp got in a lot of fights this week, but we were able to make them all ok haha, and i was worried, but we got the news earlier today that everyone is transferring out of the house except for me. i will be getting a new comp tomorrow, Elder Phelps. i have met him before, but i don't remember him to much. he is still new in the mission, so i am sure we will have fun. i will update you more on that next week, when we are skyping. i am not sure when we will Skype, but right now i am thinking that i would like to Skype the morning of the 26th here, so it would be the night of the 25th there. anyway i am going to send more pictures.
Love, Elder Roy
Christmas Party

this place is called Mama Chits, they are a famous restaurant in our area. they sell amazing burgers, and the one in the picture was 600 pesos, it fed four of us, but i was still hungry. all of their drinks were imported from America, so i got an ibc root beer, and a cherry dr pepper, it was heaven. it was amazing.

we all enjoyed a banana splits