Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 25, 2012

Today- we had a Christmas devotional and Russel M. Nelson was here to speak with us, and our district was sitting on the 5th row to the front, pretty awesome! Later there is a talent show, and then we will be hearing from Greg Olsen...then there is dinner and a movie. Great day:D
 -Love, Elder Roy
*picture is of me in my newly obtained lavalava from my companion.

Christmas Eve in the MTC

Hello Everyone-

There is a Christmas movie playing right now so Elder P. and I decided to go and do our laundry together. The other guys were wanting to be obedient and stay and watch the movie...but Elder P. and I decided that there wasn't going to be any time tomorrow, so we are here now, and we have the entire laundry room to ourselves! Anyway I sent some hand written letters home. They are a lot easier to send than emails, and I never thought I would say that- because thinking of writing a letter before I came out here seemed weird. However there is something about writing a hand written letter that makes it easier to express your feelings. The language is going alright, I am slowly catching on, and I have definitely learned a lot more than I have back in the high school days of German. I can even say a whole prayer, and give a pretty basic testimony in Tagalog. I think the hardest thing we have to do is teach our teachers who are pretending to be investigators.  Now they are telling us that we can't bring notes in to help us, I am not sure what they expect from it, but it sure is a humbling experience.

This morning we had to wake up at 5:20 am to go do a service project. We got to change toilet paper rolls and clean mirrors in another building! That was probably the highlight of my day, however it feels like that was a completely different day and I can tell you the truthfulness of the saying, "The days feel likes weeks, and the weeks feel like days"- because I can seriously not believe that it has already been almost two weeks.

It is so great- because everyone I have wanted to see while being in here has just randomly popped up somewhere, its crazy how things like that work. I have to go switch my laundry now, oh and I will let you know that missionaries in the MTC are not allowed to call home on Christmas, so I won't be able to call until I am in the airport. I love you ALL and keep writing LETTERS please, (specifically DearElder, or handwritten)

Merry Christmas! Love-Elder Roy

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Week-MTC

Dear Friends and Family,

The first week here has been jammed packed full of stuff, but I will start with the first week...

When you dropped me off, the elder you saw- took all my bags and I went into the main building where they gave me a package full of stuff...with my name tag and a few other things. From there- they gave me another bag weighing at least 10 pounds. In that was a bunch off books and things in Tagalog.

After I got all my books they took me to my room, and I put  my stuff in there. Then the elder took me to my classroom where we started with a orientation thing. After that, we immediately started learning the language, things like: kumusta po kayo (how are you) or ako po si elder (my name is Elder)- now I can bare my testimony and say a prayer (its pretty difficult), but I know that I'll be able to learn the language eventually.

In the class I met my first companion, Elder I. He is 21 and from Samoa. We have gotten along pretty well, but sometimes its hard to communicate with him. I'm really trying to think of things to talk about. I am doing laundry right now. and we are only suppose to be on the computers for 30 minutes, and I was trying to get on this other computer for a few minutes.

Elder I. and I are the only ones in our room, so we each get a the lower bunk and we each get our own desk, so its a blessing. Elder I and  Elder P. haven't ever seen snow before a few days ago, so they were pretty excited about that!

I am not really sure what to write about, my mind is blank. We have been teaching this guy named Kevin  who doesn't speak English. We are going to see him for the fourth time tomorrow, and its hard to connect, when you don't know what to say, and your worrying about pronouncing what's in the book right, so we are going to just try to memorize smaller sentences so we don't have to be always reading to him.

Anyway I am going to upload some pictures... Oh and post that DEAR ELDER on Facebook or something so everyone can write me, getting letters here is the best thing.  Oh and if you could send me one of those white cords for splitting an outlet to plug things in, that would be highly appreciated. Also- its not letting me see the pictures that I am sending, but feel free to post those. Tell friends thanks for sending me letters and Christmas cards, anyway I have gotta go.

I love you all, and be sure to write me a lot of letters and stuff!!

Love Elder Roy